The portrait painting on enamel appeared in Europe at the beginning of 17th century. It was very popular in France. At present Limoge enamel is as popular as famous Limoges porcelain.

Rostovskaya finift is a superfine minis an extraordinary present. Try to imagine a more exclusive thing than a medallion with a picturesque portrait which can not be affected byiature painting performed by heat-resistant paints on the enamel background. It is fragile but humidity, heat or time can not affect its quality.

The Enamel Portrait miniature is one of the most interesting and vivid types of miniature painting. It was always considered to be an elite art. Portrait miniatures are unique as they are painted by high-class masters of enamel paintings; the process of their performance is extremely complicated. Unlike a picturesque portrait on a canvas, lacquered miniature, photo, water-coloured ivory, the miniature enamel portrait is not affected by light or time, its colors are long-lasting and brilliant as if they are just applied. In view of their rarity and durability enamel miniatures were always very valuable and popular in high spheres.

Nowadays the portrait genre is very popular. It causes emergence of enamel portrait miniatures, which are painted to order according to photos. There are a lot of occasions, both official and personal ones, to present an original hand-made gift which expresses your gratitude and appreciation; later it will evoke nice recollections. The miniature portrait painting in enamel decades of years. It can be passed on from generation to generation as a family relic.