My works, which were performed earlier, can be found in the following sections: "Portraits", "Icons" and "Others". If you are interested in the miniature painting and you want to buy a hand-made present, you can order a little name icon, a miniature portrait of your relatives, close friends or any other image, which will be made according to your model. Usually a miniature portrait is painted according to a photo of high-quality. It is necessary to present at least 3 photoes made from different angles.

A price of miniature paintings depends on a picture size and complexity and is adreed during a conversation. Also it depends on a jeweler's setting, which will be made by a jeweller if you wish. A hand-made enamel in a valuable setting is a unique jewel. Also it should be taken into consideration that performance of a miniature painting in a jeweler's setting takes at least a month. So if you want a portrait to be ready for a certain date you should make an order beforehand.