Russian enamel orthodox jewels. Enamel icon,  enamel crosses.
The Russian enamel
has a centuries-old history. It exists for a long time and became a precious pearl of russian and universal jeweller?s art. Miniature painting on enamel reached its fullest flower in XVIII century. In St. Petersburg, Moscow and Rostov Yaroslavskii enamel was always used as decoration for different articles: expensive, mainly gold or silver, devotional articles, namely chalices, bowls, settings of icons or books, etc.

The Enameled icon is a unique branch of the miniature painting. There is a world-wide known school of wood painting - tempera. The Enameled icon is a unique kind of decorative art. Such icons can not be used for church services, though their scenes and images are typical for the Orthodox traditions. Enameled icons are decorative miniatures of highly artistic decorative art, exclusive precious-mounted jewelry. As icons are performed on enamel, they are almost everlasting. Colors remain luster and brilliant inspite of the time.