Julia Kuzhim, miniature portraitist and enameller.

My name is Julia Kuzhim. I am an author of miniatures performed on the artistic enamel. Today as centures ago, a miniature enamel portrait of your relative or close friend, made to order according to a photo, is an excellent present, unique valuable decoration of a desk, a rare and valuable article of a home or museum collection. My author's works are presented on the site.

I was born in Moscow. In 1997 I graduated from the Fedoskino art - industrial College of miniature painting, department "Rostovskaya finift". I am a member of the Russian Artists Union and the international Artists' Federation. I have clients in the USA, Russia, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates. Finift is a traditional decorative art. In Russia it was used as a decoration for church plate, jewelry, also it was possible to order a portrait. The larger the space of a painting the more difficult work of an artist is. That is why finift is still a very valuable art. In Russia there are only a few masters of this art.

Today finift is still a piece-article, produced manually.

Most unique works of art are performed by two men, who are a painter and a jeweller. The latter decorates paintings with dainty patterns of metal filigree. Each work of masters is a real masterpiece of the decorative art. Therefore the success of Rostovskaya finift at various international exhibitions and fairs is quite natural.

If you are interested, you can connect with me for a consultation and possible future order. You can send an e-mail, using Contacts page, or call by phone: +7(903) 1195690, +7(495) 755-21-02.